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The Author is an advocate for mental health issues and incorporates in her writing the Biblical perspective she attributes to her healing and recovery. She is also one of the 40 co-authors for Authors For Christ. Linda Pearl has shared her testimonies to offer hope to readers worldwide. You can find ‘Stories of Hope’ (2016) and “Let Hope Arise’ (2017) on Amazon. Linda Pearl says a latent talent has been awakened in 2016 when she starting writing poetry. Although she lectured the poetry module since the 1980’s to her students, she was not stirred to write her own, until recently. You can find some of her published poems on her LinkedIn site.

Here are some milestones:

In May 2018, Linda Pearl and Narendra Ramnath had a book launch at the Baptist Church in Rochedale, Brisbane. They spoke on the escalation of depression and shared statistics of the prevalence and impact of mental health illnesses in Australia. They also shared their stories of how they overcame depression and how to support family members going through depression. They continue to work among their community, offering hope and support.

In June and July 2017, Linda Pearl and Narendra Ramnath went on a Round The World trip where they shared their testimonies. They were granted the opportunity of sharing first hand of God’s providence in their respective lives. Lives were significantly touched and blessed in Brazil, New York, London and Madrid, Spain. Linda Pearl remarked, “God works in ways we can never fully understand.”

In September 2016, the author shared her story at a women’s support group in Gold Coast, QLD. The focus was on empowering women to rise above the challenges they face and move away from the ‘victim’ mentality to the ‘victor’ mentality. Book sales were directed to the Sow and Sew project in Zambia, Africa.

During the Easter period of 2015, the author addressed representatives from The Healing Rooms in Sydney. She shared her story with the group and donated copies of her books for the new centre in Auburn, NSW.

In March 2014, the author had a speaking engagement in West End, Brisbane. She addressed people affected by depression. They were mainly from migrant backgrounds. She spoke about the challenges faced by new immigrants and offered them strategies on how to cope with such pressures, based on her own life experiences. There were book signings and follow-ups for further support and discussions.

Support groups or organisations that would like the author to address their gatherings or build networks, are most welcome to contact her. Please go to the contact page to arrange a booking.