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I have found that SOUL FOOD is full of wisdom from the Word of God for different and sometimes difficult situations we may find ourselves. The insights from SOUL FOOD come in bite-sized pieces. This little booklet constantly urges us to look beyond ourselves – to LOOK UP! I would suggest you keep SOUL FOOD on your bedside table. Ponder over one topic at a time rather than reading the booklet in one sitting. This is a helpful little book for the difficult and sometimes dangerous days we are living in. ~ Margaret Stubbs

I bought the book from Linda and I found it to be inspiring, scriptural, committed, open to change, a teachable spirit, making us aware of the enemy’s plans, how to avoid pitfalls, standing by each other at all times…………Patty

Wow…what an amazing true life story…one woman’s quest to preserve against all odds…new country, away from family, illness…certainly her faith in God and her willingness to survive has kept her going…

Quite an inspirational story and a motivating one as well… Certainly a great read and an excellent morale booster. Well worth the read! Yours sincerely

This book is very encouraging and shows the inner strength of the author.Nancy

People who are going through depression should read this book. I found the part about the generational curses to be very true.Reggie

The story in this book is very challenging and shows that when we go through the furnace of affliction, we come out victoriously through God.Sagren

After reading this book I got a glimpse of what life really is. I see that the choices we make determines the outcome.Maggie

As I was reading your book, most of things applied to my life. I was amazed how I could personally identify with your experiences. Your book has helped me so much.Zarina

A very challenging and inspiring testimony. In life you realize that there is a purpose for everything. Hardships tears us apart but I found hope in your book.Renee

“You Don’t Have to Settle for Second Best” is a great book. The Author has described the position that she once found herself in with great clarity which made it a very readable book. Not only was it readable but also very enjoyable, including the humor that she was able to impart to her readers.

Her determination to overcome adversity by pushing through the darkness is very encouraging and gives hope and courage to those that suffer in a similar vain whilst trying to manage family and life. Thank you Linda – may this book bless many.

Linda’s book is a candid account of her episodes of depression and God’s amazing deliverance. Readers are inspired to hope for a better future, while appropriate scriptures further enhance the book.